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Computer Maintence

Computer Maintence

  1. How do I keep my Computer from slowing down?

    1.  Keep the inside of the case free from lint.  Open it every 2 months

          and use a can of compressed air to clean it out.


    2.  Download CCleaner from CNET.com.  Follow instructions to install.

          This free program will clean your internet cache, and registry.  Follow

          operating instructions carefully!!!!!


    3.  Download Malware Antimalware from CNET.com.  Follow    

         instructions to install.  This free program will scan your computer for 

         worm, hijackers, and trojans off your computer.  Follow operation

         instructions carefully!!!!


    4.  Keep your virus scanning program and virus definitions up to date.



  2. What is A Virus?

    A virus’s job is to destroy your computer. People not computers create these programs. Digital Water can help relieve your virus problems by making sure that your Antivirus is up to date and educating the user about running anti-malware programs.

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